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Online Booking - How to Book

Clicking on the Book Now button at the top of the page will take you through to our online booking portal, which is hosted by KidsClubHQ. If you haven’t used the portal before you will need to set yourself up an account, this is an easy process to do and should take no more than 10 minutes to set up for yourself and your children. Once set up you will need to select the relevant school from the menu, you are then able to book either contract bookings which run on an ongoing basis throughout the school year or adhoc bookings for additional/ one off sessions. Contract bookings are invoiced on a monthly basis throughout the year whilst adhoc bookings require payment at the time of booking.

How can I Pay for Sessions?

Paying by card

In order to pay by card, once you have completed your booking please select pay by card and you will be taken through to WorldPay to process a secure payment, once the payment is complete you will return to the booking page. We accept all debit cards and credit cards except American Express.

Paying with Childcare Vouchers

We accept Childcare Vouchers as a form of payment for all bookings made more than 7 days in advance. If you wish to use childcare vouchers for payment of last minute adhoc sessions please ensure that there is a credit in your account as these sessions are due for payment before the session is attended.

When we receive a Childcare Voucher payment from you, we will credit your Rocketeers Account Balance. Payments can be set up as regular amounts each month with top ups as needed or alternatively can be made each month depending on your invoice.

We are registered with the following companies:

Busy Bee Benefits - Search for Rocketeers

Care 4 - 01657296 postcode RH12 1TZ

Computershare Vouchers - 0022551188

Edenred - P21019761

Enjoy Benefits - B018450

Faircare - Search for Rocketeers

Fideliti Vouchers - Search for Rocketeers

Kiddicare - Search for Kegra Ltd

Ladybird - Search for Rocketeers

Sodexo - 842 887 postcode RH13 5PS

Government Tax Free Childcare - Search for Kingslea

If your childcare voucher provider is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to register with them.

What if I don't need the Sessions Booked?

Customers are welcome to request a full refund of their Account Balance at any point, providing all outstanding invoices (including notice period) have been settled. These refunds will come from Rocketeers and not via WorldPay. For voucher providers please note we are unable to refund voucher payments back into your personal bank account, they must be returned to the voucher account and this can take up to two weeks to complete.

What will my child do during Term Time Clubs?

During breakfast clubs we like to keep children calm and focussed, ready for the start of the day ahead so they will have the chance to relax with friends and have some breakfast as well as well as having access to art materials, books and various games.

Afterschool clubs give the children to spend time outside (weather permitting) and stretch their legs after a day in class. They will have a snack when they first arrive with us either straight from school or from a school run club, this isn’t a meal replacement but is substantial. We plan activities around themes which change every couple of weeks, according to the children’s interests and seasonal topics. Some recent examples have been Volcanic Dinosaurs, Fashion Week, Radio Rocks and Exploring Foods. Within this fun and educational planning there will always be arts and crafts materials, small world and/or construction equipment, books and writing equipment available for the children. Challenges in these areas will be planned for according to the topics and adults will be on hand to guide and support these child led activities. They will also carry out an observational role to assess interaction and development. An adult led activity is also available and the children will to complete this in groups. Activities could include food preparation, games or an activity following on from any previously expressed interests. We have access to the school grounds for outside games and fun throughout the afternoons.

What  are the costs and times of clubs?

Breakfast club runs from 7.30am until the beginning of the school day, with breakfast served until 20 minutes before children have to move to classrooms. Drop off can be at any time within the session. 

Pricings is from £5 a morning.

Afterschool clubs run from the end of the school day until 6pm, collection can be at anytime within the session but please note that costs are per session not per hour.

Pricing is from £15 an afternoon.

There is an initial non refundable £25 registration fee when sessions are first booked.

My Child has Additional Needs will you be able to support them?

Rocketeers is an all inclusive setting and we are dedicated to working with all children. If you feel that your child will need any additional support whilst with us please call us on 01403 371020, our SENCO will happily talk through any concerns you may have. We maintain a 1 to 8 ratio within all settings and will keep an open line of communication with you to ensure that all needs can be appropriately met.

Still have a question about our services? We are contactable at our main office on 01403 371020 or enquiries@rocketeerschildcare.co.uk